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    this could be a representative of someones life… they are holding onto the last thread, it only takes one more comment, one more negative thing said, one more put-down, for them to snap and have everything come crashing down, you don’t know what someone is going through, dont be that person that causes them to end it for good 

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  4. Throw back Saturday!!!! …

    My year 12 Ball (Formal)
    with two of the greatest people I’ve ever met, even though one won’t talk to me again. #ThirdWheelingItLikeAlways. Anyway it was a great night, had massive pancakes at the end of it all and partied hard. 

  5. Awkward selfies with le cat named after me :3

  6. I thought coming back home would make me feel better, but I don’t. I feel bad for leaving my Aunts pregnant cat alone when she finally started getting closer to me. She finally started laying on the couch. And waited by the door today for when I returned. I realised today though that I get close and very attached to animals a hell of a lot easier then with people. With people I have little trust with, I find it so hard to let myself become close with someone to the point in when they decide to leave my life I don’t feel as much pain as I used to. With a cat, or any kind of pet/animal, I get very emotional. I don’t want them to feel alone or forgotten like I have so many times and maybe its because they still wait for you hoping for you to come home and pat them and feed them, like they don’t worry to much. Tomorrow i’m working a horrendous shift and I can’t even go and visit her. I hate it, I hope she’ll be okay and not feel forgotten again. 

  7. Day 2; house sitting.

    During the day its not to bad being alone with a pregnant cat, Whom I swear will not stop eating! but she is so gorgeous and is named after me by my amazing little cousins. In the day I have her company, I can keep myself amused. By the time its night I feel lonely and sad to the point I feel sick eating anything. I start to miss my kitten at home who gives me hugs every day and bites me and licks me, because she’s pregnant she can’t do most of those things, though we are kind of close. By nightfall I feel alone even though I have my brother in the house with me, I just feel alone and afraid. Last night I only got around 3 and a half hours of sleep. I kept waking myself up anxious. You see last night was my first night away from my own home in a long time. I get like this when I go camping to..I sometimes get savvier separation anxiety from my house and even just from my room or my bed. It’s a bit of a struggle to get through. But it got me thinking when I move away, I’ll have to get myself a cat or a dog so I’m not alone in a house by myself. or at least bring my Kitten with me but he too has separation anxiety from myself and my room.

    So lets see how tonight goes. I will say though its nice to get out of the house and take photos, literally down the street is the beach and a couple streets away is my ‘secret’ beach. I wanted to ride a bike today too for the first time in ages but I couldn’t find my aunts bike so that didn’t happen, tomorrow I may check again because I think that it’ll help a lot.

  8. Slowly learning how to take night sky photography, I just need to figure out how to reduce the noise. The beach was beautiful tonight with not a light in sight (except for everyone’s high beam that were on when driving in to the beach. You could see so many stars.

    Last nights sunset. 17/04/2014

    The fiery red clouds lit up the sky and was absolutely stunning to view


    Blood Moon - April 2014

    To those who got to see the blood moon last night, I envy you, In Perth we didn’t get to see any of it.

  9. I’ve been so busy avoiding these questions lately so I thought I should answer them.

    Day 19
    : your thoughts on your family.
    My older sister is amazing, as much as we have our little ups and downs I can always talk to her (almost always), My younger brother (16yrs old) we’ve had a lot of differences but lately he’s gotten better, I probably will never forgive him completely for what he has done to me but we’ve gotten pretty close lately. My other younger brother who is 6yrs old, is perfect! yeah he’s annoying but whenever I’m down he will come and give me a hug as I do the same for him. We have a close bond ever since he was born I would stay up late to look after him. My mum and I don’t have a great relationship at all. My dad and I are close-ish, he helps me out with my car and some advice. As for my cousins and Aunts and Uncles I barely talk to any of them, so to anyone who has a great relationship with their cousins I kinda envy you.

    Day 20: what you think makes someone beautiful
    The thing that make someone beautiful is from who they truly are in their heart, The way the see the world and express it, To me you see that tiny sparkle in someones eye and you know they’re beautiful, you know they look at the world differently to others and feel deeply. What makes someone beautiful is them being themselves. Even if that is deemed “ugly” to others, A persons beauty is nonjudgmental. I know two people who a purely beautiful. It’s almost rare to come by these days.

    Day 21: what does your favorite t-shirt look like.
    My Favourite t-shirt has the new avengers on it, THOR!! (the best ever!) Captain america, Wolverine, Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Another guy which I seem to always forget.

    Day 22: how you judge intelligence
    I don’t tend to judge intelligence except when someone tells you that typing “yhu” instead of “you” and “yhur” instead or “your” is easier to type then I question ones intelligence.

    Day 23: a month/year of your life when you were happiest and why.
    The year I was happiest, I wouldn’t be able to remember. a whole month that I was happiest probably last year when I went to 2 footy games and 3 concerts.

    Day 24: your favorite 10 people right now and why.
    Haha I couldn’t name ten I don’t have that many. 
    My Sister, My Brothers, My favourite blogger, My friend Cassie who never fails to make me laugh and Nicole,

    Day 25: the last movie you watched.
    Last Vegas, It was actually a pretty good movie

  10. Blood Moon, 04/15. Seen in all countries from 3:00 a.m. \ 4:45 a.m.

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  11. "anon hate hurts us because when we read it, we don’t hear the attacker’s voice, we hear our own"

  12. Throw Back Monday! 

    that awkward hug between myself and a chipmunk, at a little kids birthday party. I went down for a hug and he came up..in the end I was on my knees near his genitalia…this did not turn out the way I had planned.

  13. Cuddles with the only man in my life! <3