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Putting it into words makes it all sound so illogical.

Anonymous asked: Do you know the person you like in person?

Unfortunately I don’t…

Anonymous asked: you should listen to your hand in mine by explosions in the sky (:

I don’t know who you are but what I do know is that you just showed me one of the most beautiful compositions. I’m not sure if anyones noticed but I can get a little emotional with some songs especially when they force you to look inside yourself. (Yeah some people are going to think I’m a nut for getting emotional attachments like that) anyway thank you. Who ever you are. It’s amazing.

Day 158: would you give up all of your presents one Christmas time to help others from other countries.
I would love to say I would, I would love to think that I would be someone who would give up all my presents to help another in another country but the truth is, There are things out now where I could help another or give up my wants and help a stranger and no matter how much I would like to do this I haven’t…does this make me a bad person? I really would like to help out those in need in my own country first but every time christmas comes around I run out of money and the stress is so powerful I forget to do it.

Day 159: what is one thing you love about photography.
I love how one image can show so much emotion, give out many views on one subject, how everything can be beautiful. How one image can have more meanings then one..haha does this class as one reason?

Day 160: do you go by live, laugh, love
You know I’m still trying to figure that out.

Day 161: why is it so much easier being a child, than an adult.
Because as a child you’re (most of the time) clouded by all the drama, all the stress, all the money problems and how shitty life can actually be. When you’re a child the only things you would cry about is being sent to bed early, losing your favourite toy and when you get older and you’re exposed to the real world everything hits you at once, you’re no longer that carefree child anymore, you have financial problems to deal with, hell even political shit to deal with.

Day 162: highs and lows of this month.
Well…shall I start with some Lows? 
Fell for someone I can’t have, brought a camera that turned out to be shit (pretty sure it was this month), have been judged day in and day out by strangers, class mates and store assistance’s. My grandparents forgot my birthday (later remembered and facebooked me …they live five house’s down my street.) My aunt, uncle and cousin who mind you came around on my birthday and I said I was blowing up balloons for my birthday and all and they didn’t even say happy birthday to me…literally all I fucking wanted was for one of them to say that..for one of them to remember. and well..as you would have seen from my blog I hit a pretty shit place. Oh and I’m still being fucked around by work..always fun
Now for some Highs.
again fell for someone I shouldn’t have ( was both a high and low), had a forever alone balloon party, My football team won on my birthday too by a shit tone of points (YAY!!!!), painted my car, got some pretty good feedback from a lecturer about one of my ideas for an assessment ( this lecturer is the same guy I had an argument with on the very first day of his class mind you..he was a right knob. A stranger came up to me and told me his friend thought I was cute hahah was kind of funny…though seriously couldn’t he just say it to me instead?. Finally worked up the courage to read this really fantastic book. Found some inspiration in a friends song. ehh.. most of the good stuff has happened in the past few days haha :L  

(Source: momandpopmusic / Courtney Barnett - Milk!)

Most average people spend their 19th birthday with friends, partying, drinking and all that stuff..but not me…I spent 4 hours blowing up 500 ballons, just so I could have my forever alone balloon party of one! This is literally the best birthday ever!! you all be jelly of my amazing party


I’ve turned into everything I hate about people

I was at this concert, smiling and dancing away, feeling great and free. When all of a sudden this great weight grabbed a hold of me, my head was spinning, heart beating ever so rapidly, the music became distorted and the flickering lights became a blur. Panic had set in and had to ruin everything. I’m so tired of this cycle. I was having a good time.