1. It’s finally starting to rain in Perth!!!!
    I haven’t been this excited for so long.

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  2. I think we never truly get over the person we fall in love with fast, because no matter what I always feel the heart ache when anything about the person I first fell deeply in love with comes remotely near me or I hear about them. I know why we broke up and it was mutual but I’ve never felt that same feeling with anyone else before. Maybe one day someone might..but even then I will never forget how this person made me feel, how this person got me out of a shell I had been hiding in for the past few years, because of them I have been able to do the things I used to to, and be stupid. To enjoy the little things, he re-ignited a spark that had been out in me because of all the drama that had gone wrong, the lose of friends, the being “ugly” to everyone (even my friends stopped hanging out with me because of that..because they wanted all the guys and I wasn’t good enough, nor pretty enough). not one person until he came along actually looked at me like I wasn’t ugly and didn’t treat me like everyone else did. I am so thankful for them to have come into my life, I will always cherish them will all that I have. Do I believe we could possibly feel this way again? ..That I am completely unsure of but even to feel remotely the same with another being would just be perfect enough as it is. 

  3. This is me in winter and it only stays around 12’c haha.

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    ok I was going to reblog this anyway

    and then the one in the middle

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  5. Applying for a job at the Bottle shop. Fingers crossed everyone that I get it. I really need a reliable job right now. Also going to apply for a job at the Court (the gay bar) Would be nice to work with people who don’t judge you on your appearance for a change.

  6. My first ever Mobile upload….I feel like I’m becoming a tech wiz haha. Not really. Omg. Anyway…

  7. /Decided I’m doing these weekly because I can..
    Day 26
    : 5 things you’re looking forward to.
    CANADA!, The next Game of Thrones Episode, The Walking Dead to come back, Hopefully jamming with my musician friend, to get more piercings :D!

    Day 27: a person you wished lived closer and why.
    To be fair I’m not that sure.

    Day 28: something that makes you really angry.
    My Tafe homework, because my lectures don’t explain anything to us and my laptop is so slow. I have a low Rage tolerance when It comes to technology.

    Day 29: a date you’d love for someone to take you on.
    hmm….I wouldn’t want to go on some “romantic” date, and definitely not at a restaurant (sticking to KFC outlets on the other hand are fine and awesome …hahah I’m classy.) Restaurants just make me feel out of place and awkward and it’s not an enjoyable time. I also hate “romantic” things like it’s cute and the person can be all cute and adorable doing something like that but again I feel awkward. I’d really love something spontaneous, Like it could be anything but I’d hope the place would be beautiful. Preferably outdoors, maybe even under stars, I just love stars so much haha. I feel like I’m probably asking too much of someone, but just once I’d love to go on a spontaneous, fun, adventurest date..which most likely won’t happen any time soon, or even at all.

    Day 30: 5 favorite girls names, 5 favorite boys names.
    Daenery’s, Amelia, Ruby, Daisy, Scarlett
    Castiel, Borris, Thor, Loki, Ragnar

    Day 31:a bit about your social life outside of tumblr.
    Hahahah…what social life?, I suppose I have my two work mates who I see at work here and there. Then I have a couple of tafe friends who I see at tafe and then there are the people I only talk to over the internet, and one lives over seas. That’s about the extent of it.

    Day 32: how many pictures do you have in your room.
    64 photo’s plus a whole bunch that are on a board in my room then theres 47 posters and drawings. I think that’s it o.o..

  8. Happy Earth Day <3 

    /don’t forget to hug the trees!!!! (if you didn’t get the chance to plant one.

  9. Went into the country today and had this duck come up and pose for me, it was so cute, later Ifed some duck not sure if they were the same two drom earlier today but we got pretty close.. /making friends with ducks

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  11. So I crumbled…I got Instagram the other day..What has become of me!?
    anyway if anyone would like to follow me it’s; http://instagram.com/admiredbythetrees 
    username (obviously); Admiredbythetrees. 
    Will follow back, I love seeing how other people spend their lives.

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    everything personal♡

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