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18, Waussie (western Australian). Amateur Photographer, I have a slight obsessional love for nature..mainly tress. This is me...

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So I’ve basically failed this anyway…especially since I skipped like 3 weeks..opps but any who I shall continue.

Day 117: if you were to get a tattoo, what would it look like.
Well I’m hoping to get a tattoo or Ariel or the Tardis on my leg soon.

Day 118: what people in your life inspire you the most.
The people whom I’ve never met in person. (including people in bands and photographers)

Day 119: something you hope you never have to do.
Say goodbye to them.

Day 120: what is your zodiac sign and what do you think it means
Virgo…clearly means virgin haha.

Day 121: what do you think about stereotypes.
I absolutely hate them especially because I get stereotyped and dis liked because of my given stereotypes a lot..people should just quit judging others.

Day 122: which activities make you lose track of time.
Listening to music,taking photos, playing music, movie marathons…shall I go on?

Day 123: do you believe teenagers can fall in love.
Well I suppose so..I think I fell ‘in love’ once when I was a teen, I know my brother is in love with his girlfriend and he’s a “teen”. I think you can fall in love at any age.

Day 124: have you ever had feelings for someone who was seeing someone else.
Hahaha..unfortunately I have, its even worse when they tell you who they have feelings for but are not seeing them yet. Can be quite heartbreaking but it happens.
Day 125: have you ever gone out of your way to make someone happy.
Day 126: have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted.
Too many people have betrayed my trust..exactly why I’ve become careful who and what I say to people now. Took me a long time to learn that though.

Day 127: do you believe in second chances.
I guess so because I give out more then just second chances..

Day 128: what is your life’s purpose.
I dunno, you tell me.

Day 129: favorite month of the year and why.
AUGUST!! two reasons 1. its winter!! always raining and 2. its the month of my birthday…I don’t tend to celebrate it in a big way cause well there’s no one to invite but I dunno..yeah, though its kind of the worse month of the year too :/

Day 130: if you were deserted on an island, what would you bring. 
Things to get off of the island…because I can’t deal with out music and the internet haha.

Day 131: what do you worry about.
what they think about me,
what I think about myself.
that one day things will get so bad and I won’t be able to stop myself….

Day 132: do you believe ex’s can be friends.
Indeed but only depending how long your relationship was and how you broke up…I’m still good mates with an ex of mine.

Day 133: if you had to choose between a million dollars or to be able to change a regret, what would you do.
Take a million dollars because your regrets are what make you, you. they’re what got you where you are today, let you meet the people you know today. I wouldn’t really want to change that. Also that money would totally fund my trip and fix my car so..

Day 134: do you have a reason to smile right now.
At this exact point in time I suppose so, listening to great music kind of does that I guess.

Day 135: is change a good thing.
I suppose it can be, I find change hard sometimes and may not think its a good thing at the time but in the end it could just be that good thing you needed.

Day 136: if you were 12 and looked at yourself in the future, would you be happy.
I don’t think I can really answer this question.

Day 137: one of your wildest dreams.
It’s not so much wild but I would love to build a tree house by a lake either around here in Australia somewhere or by Lake Louise in Canada ( I know this will basically never happen though haha) or even a old styled house in the hills or the mountains, or maybe by the beach…oh my lord I have way to many ideas.

By far my favourite Aussie artist.

For that one fan I have out there haha.. yeah I forgot the lyrics at one point…

I’ve posted so much the past few days..and there’s still something on my mind that I’ve been avoiding and hoping that I could distract myself from, but it’s just not working. It’s the one thing I didn’t want to happen, the one thing I’ve been trying to avoid, but it seems there are just some things you can never avoid…these things just happen I guess and you have to learn to live with it.

I have this new deodorant, its called ‘74 beetle. For an overall coverage be sure to drive for at least 15 minutes on a high speed road preferably 90-110km/h. For those who like a strong scent be sure to keep the window up until the point you’re choking on the air around you or feel extremely light headed and dizzy or adjust the Window to you preferred strength. For people who love to go out smelling like fuel infused with the smell of metal and ruber burning..