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Anonymous asked: You wouldnt have been a dissapointment

I’m sorry.

Working on a mini series and here’s two. 

I’m so afraid of being a disappointment.

Don't - Cinic x Karma - SoundCloud


The most recent song I’ve made

It’s really hard seeing a photo of someone and knowing you’ll never get to see them again, never see them laugh nor smile again. I couldn’t imagine how hard it’d be for those who were closer to them.

Maggie and Sophie <3

Anonymous asked: Luv u

Luv u too ;) hahah.

Anonymous asked: You know you're not alone, there is someone who cares. Watching from afar

Would be great if they would appear in person to me..all I ask for is someone to be here in person every now at then..

I was quite hurt today when the young guys in my lecture today started laughing at me about my phone. I’m sorry I don’t have the latest freaking phone -.-“. All the young guys and most of the girls don’t know what it’s like to live off their own money and not their parents. They’re all raised with money and think they’re so much better then me because they can afford the lastest gadget, or because they can just go out and by a brand new camera.
We’re not in school anymore, you don’t have to be so immature.

Day 184: when you think of your best friend, what is your first memory? How did you meet them, explain him/her.
…I don’t have ‘best friends’, they always leave and they always back stab especially after you let them know that they’re your best friend.

Day 185: where will you be in ten years?
I’m not sure but I’m hoping somewhere good and hopefully happy.

Day 186: have you ever made a time capsule? If yes, with who, do you remember what you put inside? If not, what would you put inside if you had to put something in right now?
I think in the first year of high school we made a time capsule because my school just reopened as a “new” school and we were the first people to start high school there. I can’t remember what we put in it though. I always wanted to make one with my two “best friends” at the time but we never got around to it, I kind of wish we did so then we’d have an excuse to actually talk to each other, considering one of them hasn’t said a word to me for about 5 years…and she was the one who back stabbed me and left me hah.

Day 187: post a picture of yourself, taken today, and five random facts about yourself. 
-ehhh I’ll re post this one if I remember-

Day 188: what are you always carrying around with you?
Hahaha…well world you finally get to know what I literally can’t leave the house without, otherwise I give myself a panic attack. 
My essentials are
-My water bottle, Filled before I go. ( any will do if I can’t find my own )
-My asthma puffers, One in my pocket and another in my bag ( If I don’t have one of them, I freak out even though I have one still )
-A piece of food, biscuits preferably ( I’m afraid I may build up to much saliva ( tends to happen in an asthma attack ) and they help dry out my mouth….also if I get hungry )
-My phone
-Money of some sort.
It’s actually exhausting making sure I have all of these all of the time.
Please don’t judge me.

Day 189: list everything you like about yourself, and explain why. What makes you unique?
On a good day I like my eyes, because I do. at the same time they can be something I don’t like.
What makes me unique is that I’m me.

Day 190: put your iPod or mp3 player on shuffle and list the first ten songs/artists. 
-Bloc Party - Biko
-The Mountain Goats - This Year
-Mayday Parade - A Shot Across The Bow
-Daughter - Tomorrow
-Twenty One Pilots - House Of Gold
-Tonight Alive - You Don’t Owe Me Anything
-Mayday Parade - Without The Bitter The Sweet Isn’t As Sweet
-Cinic x Karma x Jinx - Waking Up
-Tonight Alive - Complexes
-Angus And Julia Stone - My Word For It

Day 191: are you excited for anything right now?
To go home and see my cat, 8 more nights to go.

Day 192: summer or winter? Why?
Winter, I prefer the cold..even though I feel it more then others, the heat in the summer here can be a bit too much. In winter its perfect blanket snuggling weather.

Day 193: what are you doing for the next big holiday? (i.e. Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Easter, Passover…)
Christmas is next and well its nothing like it used to be, its just going to be my immediate family and grandparents, probably go to the beach. Doesn’t quite feel like christmas anymore.

Day 194: what did you do today?
Woke up late, drove around in a hot car with no air conditioning. Walked the dog and watch the sunset at the beach. Snuggled up on the couch with the cat and now this.

Day 195: have you ever had braces/will you ever need braces?
Haha, Indeed I did had them for 18 months, kinda miss them a little..I know right what the fuck!? Now I have wire holding my bottom teeth. I’ve had quite the dental work.

Day 196: what is one thing you regret doing?
The other day I was regretting a choice I made with whom I pursued, but then I realised I wouldn’t have met the great people I met after them.
Day 197: do you have a set out path for your future yet?
Nope, I’m not even quite sure what career choice I want to do.

Day 198: a picture taken over ten years ago.
-will post later on-

Day 199: what is the last book you read, why did you read it?
Well I’m still sort of reading it, Control the Crazy by Vinny G. Read it and you’ll find out why.
Day 200: whatever suits your fancy. (A picture, random facts, what you did today, your plans for tomorrow)
I’ve grown a strong addiction the Canadian accents, but I still love Irish accents most.

Day 201: what are your plans for tomorrow?
Handing in an assessment and then I dunno haha.

Day 202: what did you do last Saturday?
I panicked all day then worked.

Day 203: what is the last thing you had to save your money for?
Well I’m still saving it for something, but I brought a bed with my last savings and a Film camera.

Day 204: do you have a job, if so, where?
I do, I only get one shift a fortnight ( not by choice ) but I haven’t been able to get a new job so I can leave that place. Amazingly she’s given me another shift, Considering she doesn’t like me but she has to keep me because everyone else quit. I work at a supermarket. 

Just when I started to befriend the loneliness aching pain, and after driving for about 40 minutes in a circle, in a car that was around 40’c I was stopped a yet another light taking forever to change to green, when I saw..whom I thought I wouldn’t see around again, was my ex, in a car full of friends and a car I didn’t recognize. Which of course triggered memories and all, I’m not still hung up over him and that’s not what hurt, it was the realization that I could have had what I want now even though it may not have felt right but I wouldn’t be alone. Which of course isn’t the way to go, I just long for arms to hold me at night.

Watching really bad tv shows just because you love the accents.