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18, Waussie (western Australian). Amateur Photographer, I have a slight obsessional love for nature..mainly tress. This is me...

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I have this new deodorant, its called ‘74 beetle. For an overall coverage be sure to drive for at least 15 minutes on a high speed road preferably 90-110km/h. For those who like a strong scent be sure to keep the window up until the point you’re choking on the air around you or feel extremely light headed and dizzy or adjust the Window to you preferred strength. For people who love to go out smelling like fuel infused with the smell of metal and ruber burning..

When I look in the mirror I really don’t like what I see, sure a girl can put on some make up, some nice clothes, take selfies using the right angle, the right lighting and the right kind of filter even but without all that I definitely don’t like what I see. When I wake up in to morning and have to look at myself in the mirror before putting on make up and doing my hair I feel..sick, disappointed and I really don’t show myself any love. I’ve never told anyone this but I really hate what I see.. If you saw me too you’d know what I mean. How can I ever ask anyone to look at me the way I want them too if I can’t even look at myself like that.

Well the first day back at tafe with a whole new class of people was not as fun as I thought it was going to be. Quite awkward, everyone looked like they were from an episode of ‘Puberty Blues’ (Indie/surfer people) the kind of people I avoided in high school, I mean even one of the guy, who barely looked 16 sat with a smoke in is mouth unlit for majority of the day, I have nothing against people who smoke but if you’re going to sit their thinking you’re king shit with a fag in your mouth for no reason at all you look like a total knob. They stuck to their own little group and looked at me with their judgmental eyes. They all love photo journalism (which I kind of despise) and sports photography. Then there is Matt and myself who are into the more creative side. I can tell this is going to be a long semester. Well…enough ranting, I’m excited because I finally found three people to travel down south with in the next break. Hopefully we actually go.

Instrumental - ‘Feldt - Sound in Time’

My favourite song of all time. One of my favourite artist and she never comes down to Perth to play </3 One day I will see her live!


Got over zealous at the beach taking photos…. Almost drowned the phone a few times.

Only few songs out there can make you look deeper into yourself and make you feel a certain way, not the normal kind of feelings a song would give you either but instead can bring out some very personal and emotional feelings that you have towards yourself and leave you feeling a little vulnerable. I don’t know about you but this song pretty much did that for me…

The past five days have been like torture…I haven’t been this sick since I was younger. It’s been hard to breathe and hard to focus on anything. I had my dad call my name around three times really loudly and I didn’t hear a thing nor recall him ever calling my name. My six year old brother was trying to tell me something about his new toy as I was starring at the tv it wasn’t until my mum yelled at me for not listening did I even realise I was being talked too. I’ve had so much medicine and a screwed up sleeping pattern waking up at all hours of the night for hours. With taking the medicine for this flu I can’t take either of my other two tablets…so the stomach pains start up again and as do I start freaking out over small things. Went to the shops, could barely remember driving there and I felt like people were closing in on me. This lack of sleep is starting to effect things I wish it wouldn’t again. but I’m trying to think positive of this all…gives me time to take control of it without the use of a tablet. Today I had more focus then the past three days and sorted out my room a little by changing my shelves…I know its basically nothing but to me it was a big change, I’m not the biggest fan of letting things go especially when I’ve had something either with me or like a certain way for a very long time, but it needed to be done. The worst part of being sick is that half the time I haven’t been able to focus enough t watch enough movies, I’ve watched about 3 Audrey Hepburn movies, Captain America (whoo go marvel movies!!!) and majority of the tv series ‘Salem’. Anyway I don’t really know what I’m talking about anymore or if anything makes any sense what so ever, i apologies for that…just ignore me hahah. 

The difference between a dream and reality, is in one you’re here and in the other its just a mistaken, false hope, waiting for something that’ll never happen.


The more my brothers girlfriend comes over the more I start to dislike her…I can see the pain on my brothers face when she gets mad at him for literally no reason..I mean my brother and I have never had a good relationship, but when someone starts hurting him like that I go into full sister bitch mode, you don’t get to treat him like shit, you don’t get to stay over for the night and get grumpy at him because you couldn’t sleep, you don’t have the right to put him into a depressive state and not tell him why you’re being like that. Nothing hurts more then seeing the pain on my brothers face. It’s happened before with his last girlfriend he doesn’t need this. He’s madly in love with her and I don’t think they’re going to last after school. Today I told him if it all goes down south he can move with me, make a new start. Nobody deserves to get treated like shit by the people they love..

Can I just live in a little old beach shack by the water…or at least a tree house? Right now they just seem like dreams that won’t get reached…

There is only so much crap one can take before falling into pieces…